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Every Bean Needs a Break

Every Bean Needs a Break

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Stopping the whirl of the coffee mill, Sugar sleeps soundly. Lemon enjoys the sweet and slightly bitter aroma. Both beans and people need rest. Let's take a break.
Every Bean Needs a Break

Year: 2023
Size: B5(Frame Size: W24 × H33 × D1.5cm)
Technique: Sublimation Transfer
Material: Fabric with Digital Illustration Print
Includes: Framed with box
Limited: 10 prints
This is an art piece where illustrations are thermally dyed onto fabric for embroidery.
It’s vivid and offers a mysterious depth when viewed up close.
Comes with a frame and box.
Limited to 10 prints (with edition number).
*The number cannot be chosen; it is assigned in order of purchase.
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