Lemon & Sugar

sometimes sweet, sometimes sour.

love like lemonade

Happy and sad、
Melting like lemonade、
You can have a wonderful day。


Lemon-chan (,, & gt; & lt; ,,)
A tomboy girl living in a lemon forest Dreaming of a sweet love I dance like a ballerina when I'm happyゃう。

Sugar-kun ()⸝˙⸝ )
A dog () stuffed animal that reminds me of Lemon-chan I love sweets, so it's a fluffy material, so even if it's dented, it's immediately restoredとどおり。

LINE stickers

Let's add two sweet and sour people to the talk!

Facebook sticker

Free stickers for Facebook and Messenger

Childhood cancer research support

「Became a support ambassador for Lemonade Stand Japan任!

Love lemon candy

Uncolored candy using Setoda brand lemon is on sale at KALDI中

Preventive dentistry project

Toothbrushing animation made with a dental expert Fun preventive dentistry with parents and children科♪

Daiso Stationery

Eight types of stationery commercialized at LINE Creators Stationery化!

Chara Parfait (KADOKAWA)

As a character that is gaining attention, a four-frame manga was posted over No. 3 and a gift campaign was held.た。

Anime Expo (LA)

Ribbon cutting and opening ceremony for guests of Anime Expo 2017, the biggest anime event in North Americaた。

Everyone's work

Instagram #Lemon and Sugar made a nice Kyaraben character rice for followersた。

Creator Profile


Art director who loves manufacturing and lemons Animation director督。

Selected as Talent 100 by Taiwan Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2017 Participated in Anime Expo L.A. as a guest in the same yearToon Boom アンバサダー。

We are looking for someone to grow lemon sugar with us.す