Character introduction

Life is lemonade。
Sweet and a little sourい。

Happy or sad、
Melted like lemonade、
A wonderful day will be made。


A small tomboy girl living in the lemon forest Dreaming of a sweet love New year's hairstyle like a lemon with a big ribbon is a charm pointント。When I'm happy I dance like a ballerina。


A dog's stuffed toy that makes me think of lemonにもとどおり。

For lemon sugarに

「When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.」
“If you have difficulties like a sour lemon in your life, make a delicious lemonade and drinkえ”

My favorite saying。

Sour lemon and sweet sugar。
Each melts into a delicious lemonade。

Happy or sadと。
Isn't life shining because of undulations?。

Sweet and sour lemonade。
If you share it with someone who is important to you, you will feel kinderず。

The sweet and sour story of the two is just beginningり。
I would be happy if you could warmly watch over me。


Author profile

LEMONA DESIGN Lemona Designン)
Animation director who loves manufacturing and lemon督。

2017 Selected as a talented young creator Talent 100 in Asia at Creative Expo Taiwan sponsored by Taiwan Agency for Cultural Affairs Invited to participate as a guest at Anime Expo, the largest Japanese pop culture event in North America in the same year. Will be screenedーのはみがきハーモニー」が上映。same year、iPhone case exhibition2018「Manufacturer Award賞。

Character Brand License Association CBLA Member)会員
Member of ASIFA, Japan Branch of International Animation Association会員

We are looking for people to grow lemon sugar togetherす