Lemon & Sugar's Ambassador Activities for Pediatric Cancer Support

Character Social Responsibility(CSR)

Pediatric Cancer Support Activities

Lemon-chan and Sugar-kun are participating in various activities as ambassadors for "Lemonade Stand Japan," an organization that supports children with cancer and AYA generation (adolescents and young adults) cancer patients.
Character Introduction

What is Lemonade Stand Japan?

Lemonade Stand Japan is a project operated by the NPO Cancer Net Japan, which collects sales from lemonade stands to provide funding for pediatric cancer research and support for patients. The donations collected are used as follows:

How donations are used

Funding for pediatric cancer treatment research

Financial assistance is provided to institutions conducting pediatric cancer treatment research.

Wig presents for pediatric and AYA generation cancer survivors

Free wigs are provided to children and young people undergoing cancer treatment.

CNJ's Pediatric & AYA Generation Cancer Support

In collaboration with CNJ (Cancer Net Japan), support activities are provided for children and young people with cancer.

Lemonade Stand Japan Operating Expenses

Covers the expenses necessary for the operation and activities of Lemonade Stand Japan.

Why support is needed

In Japan, about 2,500 children (0-14 years old) face the severe illness of cancer every year. Pediatric cancer is rare and diverse, and research has not progressed sufficiently, and the treatment environment is not perfect. Furthermore, after overcoming cancer, growth may be delayed due to treatment effects, and physical disabilities may remain. Unlike adults, children have to undergo cancer treatment during critical stages of life such as growth, school life, future work, and romance. In addition, cancer patients aged 15-39 (AYA generation) may also struggle with turning points in life, such as finding a job, getting married, and having children.

This is why pediatric cancer and AYA generation cancer patients need our support.

The expanding circle of pediatric cancer support in the United States

In the United States, lemonade stands where children sell homemade lemonade for pocket money are a summer tradition. A girl fighting cancer started an activity to open a lemonade stand in her backyard, wishing to find a treatment to help children with the same disease, and donate the money collected to hospitals. This activity continues across the United States even after the girl's death.


The "Lemonade Stand Activities" are spreading in Japan

In Japan, lemonade stands providing delicious lemonade are gradually spreading as social contribution activities at school festivals, local festivals, and corporate events. Funds collected are used for pediatric cancer support.


  • Supporting lemonade stands at co-hosted events

    By co-hosting lemonade stand fundraising activities at events and fairs, the goal is to get more people interested in pediatric cancer support.
  • Supporting public relations activities with illustrations

    Lemonade Stand Japan's public relations activities are supported by providing free illustrations, aiming to spread the message of pediatric cancer support more widely.
  • Support pediatric cancer with goods

    Special donation items such as embroidered bags are provided, and part of the sales are used for pediatric cancer support. Through shopping, you can also participate in supporting pediatric cancer patients.
    Support with Goods 
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Event Reports

February 7-27, 2023: Lemonade Stand Capsule (goods) installation at the "Everyone's Ideas for Lemon & Sugar Exhibition"

Venue: Kururu Fuchu 4F Capsule Gacha sales: 100 times (sold out) Donation amount: 30,000 yen

June 29-July 5, 2022: Lemonade Stand at "Me and Lemon"

Venue: Kawanishi Hankyu Department Store 1F The Season Number of lemonades distributed: about 141 cups Donation amount: 50,707 yen

February 24-25, 2022: Lemonade Stand at "Sustainable Brand International Conference 2022 Yokohama"

Venue: Pacifico Yokohama North G3+G4 Number of lemonades distributed: about 150 cups Donation amount: 93,613 yen

December 22-26, 2021: Lemonade Stand at "Lemon & Sugar's First Solo Exhibition"

Venue: Hanshin Umeda Main Store 8F Number of lemonades distributed: 298 cups Donation amount: 124,100 yen
  • A message from the creator

    Upon discovering the wonderful activity of Lemonade Stand Japan, I felt that the concept matched perfectly with Lemon & Sugar. As a parent of a child, I wholeheartedly empathize with this initiative. Lemon & Sugar is my life's work, and I don't want them to be characters that are merely consumed and disappear. Although I've always struggled to continue doing one thing, by having Lemon-chan and Sugar-kun serve as ambassadors, I feel a sense of responsibility to continue my activities as an artist.

    Like companies engaging in CSR activities, I thought it would be great if characters could also contribute to society, so I came up with the name Character Social Responsibility (CSR). Through the lemonade stand, I want to make donations more fun and casual. I hope that Lemon & Sugar can become a source of courage and hope for pediatric cancer patients and their families.

    LEMONA DESIGN|Daiki Aizawa

For those who will hold a lemonade stand in the future

If you are planning to hold a fundraising event through Lemonade Stand Japan, Lemon & Sugar will be happy to help with announcements and support. Please feel free to consult with us once the event is confirmed.
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