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Preventive Dentistry Project"Lemon & Sugar Brushing Harmony"

Tooth brushing animation made with a tooth specialist. Tooth brushing of lemon sugar.映開始!

Japan's first tooth歯のSupervised by an expert、
Tooth brushing animation to brush properly!

「Lemon sugar brushing harmonies were produced under the supervision of Mr. Katsuhiro Bannere, one of Japan's leading dental technicians involved in cases such as Hollywood stars and corporate tops.を行いました。For example, in the case of Ah, the mouth is wide open, and in the back of the tooth, the mouth is opened sideways in the case of E, so it is possible to naturally learn the place and order to brush the tooth such as polishing the front side of the tooth.なっています。


The lemon and sugar brushing harmony begins〜
Suga Suga Sush Harmony
Suga Suga Sush Harmony
Junban ni Junban nihonban nijunban ni
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh〜 Hahaha

Suga Suga Sush
Suga Suga Sushi
Suga Suga Sush
Suga Suga Suga Suga Fugyuぎゅ〜

2nd time
Ki-mo Chi-i〜
Don't forget, don't forget
Ii ii ii  I'm running through!

Suga Suga Sush
Suga Suga Syushu〜
Suga Suga Sush
Suga Suga Suga Suga Fugyuぎゅ〜

Is the brush fine enough??
Gently small gaps and haguki
I don't forget〜

Suga Suga Sush
Suga Suga Sushi
Suga Suga Sush
Suga Suga Suga Suga Fugyuぎゅ〜

Well done, beautiful harmony
Finally, Guchu Guchupe


Producer Kei Akazu helolo)
Music Produced by Yuuki Sudolo)
Music Satonekoと
Animation production LEMONA DESIGNN
Dental supervision flag bearer Katsuhiro Dental technician Ippin Dental Laboratory.ry.)
Dental picture book supervisor Kaori Uchi Dental hygienist Azabu Tokyo Dental Clinicニック)

To dental facilities

Anime material and toothbrush picture book for distribution at the desired dental facility本Booklet present

Japan has a significantly lower level of knowledge about dentistry called Dental IQ than in developed countries around the world.す。

In the world, there is a trend from treatment to prevention, but in Japan, there is almost no education on teeth, and most people go to the dentist for treatment after having a tooth decay.んどです。

In this way, we created this animation with the hope that parents and children will have fun learning about teeth and know the importance of dental prevention in situations where there are few opportunities to learn correct knowledge about teeth.しました。

With the support of these principles, more than 10 dental clinics nationwide have decided to air the lemon sugar brush harmonies.しております。

We are always looking for facilities that can cooperate, so if you are interested please visit the special website below.りPlease apply。

Lemon Sugar Preventive Dentistry Projectト


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