Appeared on DIR -HAIKU Dental Education 2018 OSAKA- on Saturday, September 1st!

9/1(土)D.I.R. -HAIKU 歯育 2018 OSAKA-に出演!

Lemon and Sugar will appear at D.I.R.-HAIKU Dental Education 2018 OSAKA-on September 1st in Osaka場します!

Schedule Saturday, September 1, 2018土)
※In case of rain it will be postponed Holding decision!
time 10:0015:300
Entry fee free
Venue cor Kusunoki Square
1-17-1 Kitahori, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
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Famous tart shop on the day“Maru sankaku shikaku”Dental hygienist will give you toothbrushing advice after tasting 50 tarts onlyれます。
Please come to play together!


About Preventive Dentistry Project

Lemon Sugar is working with everyone in the dental industry to convey the importance of preventive dentistry to Japanese children.ます。
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