Event will be held at AEON MALL Niiza (Saitama) on Saturday, October 28!



Lemon and Sugar come to AEON MALL Niiza!
We will sell photo shooting events and event limited items with Yuru charactersす!
Please come and visit us

Event limited special gacha

A special gacha machine with stuffed toys, bottle caps not for sale and embroidery items will be set up for 300 yen per event only for this event 100 yen per gacha100円が「Lemonade stand japan」Donated to and used to support and educate children and juvenile cancer patientsます。

Event information

Schedule Saturday, October 28, 2017土)
time In front of Kitamura of 1F camera
① 11000~
② 13000~
③ 15000~
3F Pattys Niiza
① 11155~
② 13155~
place AEON MALL Niiza
2-32-12 Tohoku, Niiza City, Saitama Prefecture
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10/28 Sat AEON MALL Niiza Saitama will hold an eventント開催!IsLemon sugarーThis is a post published by。