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Deco-Merry is delivering lemon and sugar deco-mail!

Deco-mail of sweet and sour lemon sugar is being delivered on docomo and au☆

Deco Merry for Sugo deals docomoo)

It is a site that can be used by joining the Sugotoku content provided by docomoサイトです。
Updating Decome every day Mini-games that you can play at gap time and unlimited free-playing wallpapers are also popularです★

how to access

dmenu Sugo Toku Contents Contents Character/Decome/Stamp Deco Merry for Sugo Toku スゴ得

※Monthly registration 380 yen (tax excluded) is required to use Sugotoku contents)が必要です。

Decomery α auu)

This site can be used by joining the au Smart Pass provided by au.サイトです。
Deco-mail is being updated every day Stamp makers that can make original stamps by simply entering characters are also being delivered配信中!

how to access

au Smart Pass App All-you-can-eat category Email Deco Mary αメリーα

※Monthly registration 390 yen (tax excluded) is required to use au Smart Pass)が必要です。

Deco-Merry is delivering lemon sugar中!IsLemon sugarーThis is a post published by。


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