Embroidery lunch tote T


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It is a tote bag with a special feeling that the letter T of the alphabet is greatly embroidered on a thick canvas tote bag.。

Size about W30H20 gusset 10 cm0cm
Material Cotton 100 12 ozオンス)
Color Pink/Blue/Yellow/Mint/Purpleル

Embroidery by LEMONA DESIGN
This product is made by Lemona, the creator of Lemon Sugar, using an embroidery sewing machine.います。

Precautions when purchasing

Although we are paying close attention to the production, some misalignment and tilt may occur.す。
Please note that each item has a different taste.い。


Use plenty of water or lukewarm water for washing, and use neutral detergent for detergent.い。
Embroidered items should be dehydrated and dried immediately after washing。
A small amount of bleach can be used if bleaching is requiredす。
Do not leave embroidered items wet or damp and stacked。
Do not squeeze or rub the embroidery product violently。
Please use petroleum solvent when dry cleaning embroidery products.。


When ironing embroidery products, always apply the cloth to both sides if possible from the back side.Set the iron temperature to a low temperature.ださい。