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Pitaline seal ballet

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Pitaline goods stickerル
Sheet size L W11 H15 cm5 cm
Material Polyolefinン

What is Pitalin Seal?は?

Pitalin adheres to various solids such as cloth, non-woven fabric, wood, plastic, and metallic glass.固体」にピタッと密着。

It is a sticker that exceeds the common sense of a sticker that can be pasted in any scene if it is a material that has not been specially processed.ルです。

Please try it for things that you have been having trouble with because you couldn't stick them up until now, or for places that you gave up because they didn't stick well.さい。

How to paste

1. Wipe off dust, oil, moisture, etc. on the surface to be pasted.ます。
2. Gently peel off the notch around the seal。
3. Press firmly with the pad of your finger along the unevenness of the material.す。
4. When they are brought into close contact, the glue will slowly blend in according to the shape of the unevenness of the material.す。
5. Initially, the adhesive strength is weak, but after about 24 hours, the adhesive strength will be sufficient.。

Precautions for use

• Wipe off dust, oil, moisture, etc. on the surface to be pasted. New vinyl umbrellas may have powder on them, so wipe the area to be pasted with a cloth, water, or dry wipe before use.らご使用ください。
• If you stick it on a cloth product, it may come off due to dehydration of the washing machine or damage in the dryer, so hand washing is recommended. Do not use the dryer.。
• When peeling off, it cannot be reattached because it will be deformed and the adhesive strength will be reduced.。
• Does not stick to water repellent fabrics
• Even after obtaining sufficient adhesive strength, it may come off due to strong friction such as washing.。
• Please note that it may bleed depending on the type of oil-based pen.い。
• It may cause irritation if it comes in contact with the skin. Do not apply it directly to the skin or use it on thin fabrics.さい。
• Please note that if you stick it on a soft material such as paper, it may be damaged or torn when you peel it off.い。

Pitaline seal ballet



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